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A green economy in close harmony with healthy oceans 

A brief note from our CEO

A brief note from our CEO
The unique thing about our business concept is that we harvest minerals locally – minerals used for the green transition, while supporting the recovery of the Baltic Sea.
Watch a video about our operations here >
Scandinavian Ocean Minerals on Swedish TV
Swedish TV accompanied Scandinavian Ocean Minerals on one of our surveys. 
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Our projects

Scandinavian Ocean Minerals are operating in two different projects: Bothnian Bay and the Baltic Sea. In both projects we use our own developed air-lift technique, but the difference is that in Bothnian Bay, where we have come the furthest, we are harvesting for poly-metalic nodules while we at the Baltic Sea harvest for sediments refined into green energy. In both projects the seafloor is oxygenated in the process.

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