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Vi har två projekt: Bottenviken och Östersjön.

Karta som visar Scandinavian Ocean Minerals projekt.
Scandinavian Ocean Minerals logga


On the Bothnia Bay seafloor lies small potato-sized lumps – nodules – that contain minerals. In the Baltic Sea lies sediments.


Via an air-lift technique, developed by Scandinavian Ocean Minerals, the seafloor is gently harvested for nodules or bottom sediment.


On board the ship, nodules are filtered or, if sediment centrifuged


Water and material that is not used is returned directly to the seafloor, which becomes oxygenated in the process.


Nodules and sediment are transported to land where nodules are refined into, among other things, manganese, iron, silicon (used for batteries, solar cells and semiconductors) while sediment becomes biogas, hydrogen gas or green coal (used for fossil-free steel).

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